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NapsGear is the approved online pharmacy supplier of every single manufacturer and pharmaceutical company that you can find on our website which ensures that absolutely all their products would be genuine and authentic. There’s no need to be worried about the quality of the products since you get legit items.
How do you know that the products obtained from some of these companies, even genuine products, are actually high quality? Because we select very carefully the brands that are working exclusively under GMP Standards and have a good reputation. Pharma companies known to offer actual high quality products are allowed and only those offer a good shelf life.

There are different laboratory tests and different users’ reports that prove the high quality of each pharmaceutical company found on our website. We very carefully pick up each of them and we offer only the best, in this way, you can be assured that the quality is high. We believe that there shouldn’t be any compromises when it comes to our health, that’s why everything you can find on NapsGear is manufactured only under the strictest standards.
The most important are the GMP Standards – the manufacturing standards that absolutely every single pharmaceutical company claiming to be offering high quality products should have it. In fact, we believe that everyone should purchase exclusively only from pharmacies ensuring that they work under GMP Standards. The reason is that this is the only way to be sure that the products you are about to get are actually high quality.

What are GMP Standards?

GMP stands for Good Manufacturing Practice and this is an international pharmacology quality standard system that is checking absolutely every single detail during the manufacturing process of a medication or drug. Therefore, every single medication that is manufactured under GMP standards means that they are of the highest quality and are offering the amount and the quantity of the product that is promised. The products are always passing through numerous and strictest tests for ensuring that the quality is never compromised.

Every customer can be sure that the GMP Standards is the system, which is making sure the products are 100% as they should be, because the products are being tested and a lot of other tests are done for ensuring this. This is a system which is controlling everything during the manufacturing process of any medication or drug and this means that every single detail is very strictly controlled.

This is a system that controls what are the materials used during the manufacturing process; what are the technologies used, the hygiene during the manufacturing process; employees and their qualification during the manufacturing process and many other factors. In short, everything from the very start until the very end of producing a drug – from the plants used to the moment when it reaches the shelf.

In short, only those pharmacies that are having the GMP authority can be trusted that they are actually offering the highest quality products. This system is made for minimizing the risks involved in any pharmaceutical production which cannot be fully eliminated through testing the final product.

For passing the GMP audit, every pharmaceutical company should have the quality systems inspections technique which is a document that was developed by FDA. In short, having the authorization of GMP audition means that the pharmaceutical company is basically offering medications that were made by FDA quality systems inspections techniques.

NapsGear is working with pharmacy manufacturers that working exclusively only with GMP standards and we make sure that the brands are having a high reputations so every customer can be sure in his or her purchase.

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